Innovative New Generation Technology

Using 5G artificial intelligence, 3D virtual simulation, and IoT to accurately and efficiently streamline medical production.

is a biotechnology company
that provides innovative industrial 3D solutions
with the use of 5G artificial intelligence
3D virtual simulation to treat medical impairments.

3D Live Scanner
3D Digital Body Imaging
3D Photography
Fabric & Material Printing
Personalized Designs
Cloud Computing

3D Digital Scanning

Our 3D live scanners can effectively scan any human or object and quickly provide the digital data needed.

5G Data transmission

We use 5G technology for high-speed transmission to convey real-time information.

Big Data Analysis

To achieve convenience, improve reliability, and bolster economic efficiency, we provide cloud storage, cloud computing, and big data analysis.

AI Technology Paving the Future

We have a strong team from excellent hardware & software engineers to our reliable customer service department. Our smart solution constantly enables you and your company to thrive in this rapidly changing world.

3D Live Scanning Equipment

We provide world-class 3D live scanning hardware and software that not only accurately analyzes each human’s or object’s characteristics in just a few seconds but also quickly archives millions of essential data of the user.

Ensure customer privacy and safety
Fully Customizable
3D Body Live Scan

Efficiently scans and provides data

Big Data
Big Data Analysis

Big data can help companies make faster and more correct decisions .

Convenient and Safe Database

WhatsUpTech’s database uses 5G technology and big data analysis to quickly and safely obtain the latest or historical data. With the use of big data, the R&D team can use the statistics provided and create a product that will benefit each customer. .

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